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No more dashboards–Flowmetrics transforms your data into insights you can act on.
Investor Intelligence

How does it work?

It's simple–connect your site and our powerful AI will send you insights about your visitors.

Who is it for?

Websites looking to better understand their visitors so they can grow engagement.
Understand your users
Turn data into insights
Unify your team's understanding of what is happening on your site to improve growth and success.
Gain clarity on your data
What you can do with Flowmetrics

Push Messaging

Send targeted messaging to your users to increase retention and loyalty.

Crash Reports

See which users are affected by technical issues, and take necessary precautions.

Attribution Tracking

Learn where your most engaged users are coming from.

Ecommerce Performance

Get latest purchase information about your web service and get insights about customer lifetime value by calculating purchases.

Conversion Funnels

Track goal completion rates step by step inside your web application and understand where potential customers leave your app.

Custom Events

Send any type and kind of custom data, including user data, from your web service and visualize later to investigate more deeply.

Subscription Analytics

Get latest subscription & payment data and get insights about customer lifetime value by calculating purchases.

Product Statistics

Understand which screens are performing in real-time. See which customers spend more time in those screens.

Data Export

Flowmetrics' open architecture lets you extract data either via well-defined APIs or direct from our database, which eliminates vendor lock-in.

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