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User data you can act on: Flowmetrics transforms your data into insights you can act on.

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It's time to rethink how teams view their data & analytics

Flowmetrics streamlines the way your business teams align around data by bringing it into one place to drive growth for your organization.

A new way to understand your users

Unify your team’s understanding of what is happening on your site to improve growth and success.

Introducing FlowPro

The front line of your customer experience.

Messaging Platform for Marketing, Support & Sales

Bring the conversation to your customers. FlowPro connects and empowers the communication of support, sales & marketing teams with their customers. Web Chat & video calls, Onboarding tours, one-off messages, and newsletters campaigns.

Conversational pipelines for Sales, Support and Marketing

Send one-off and automated email, push, and in-app messages to your clients.

  • Give an human support with video calls too!

    In today’s world you’ll need a way to stay close and give clear communication, video calls on chaskiq does precisely that.
  • Schedule repetitive tasks with bot actions

    Identify and build your own funnel with choices path and save your team’s time.
  • Send special content to your customers

    That’s video embeds, or third party embeds like calendly meeting scheduling, zoom meetings and more!.

“It's incredibly easy to use and give us lots of power!”

Phil MartinezMarketing, MTOX

“Flowmetrics has been essential to our growth. The visibility Flowmetrics provides into our customers helps us constantly discover new ways to make our products better.”

Ryan Hickman
Investor Intelligence

Turn your data into insights

Unify your team’s understanding of what is happening on your product to improve growth and success.