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  • Conversational Analytics

    Speed is king. Why wait for hours trying to get latest in-app sales data, rather than immediately seeing everything on Flowmetrics chat?

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  • Mobile app & game analytics with in-app purchase data

    Speed is king. Why wait for hours trying to get latest in-app sales data, rather than immediately seeing everything on Flowmetrics dashboard? Flowmetrics gives you an overview of revenue, average revenue per user (ARPU), average revenue per paying user (ARPPU), number of paying users and more.

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  • Visualize user paths in your website

    Flows shows you a graphical representation of how your users navigate through your app by visualizing the events they generate in sequence. You can start from any event and get information about the percentage and number of users passing that particular point. This provides invaluable insights into how users are actually using your app and identifying previously unanticipated user behavior.

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  • IoT analytics at your fingertips

    Flowmetrics provides a complete analytics platform with unlimited users and API calls. Advanced features like alerts, advanced data visualization and crash reporting helps you focus on your core business by understanding the complete picture of your devices, rather than trying to build your own IoT analytics platform from ground-up.

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Push Notifications

Send targeted notifications to your users to increase retention and loyalty.

Crash Reports

See which users are affected by crashes and exceptions, and take necessary precautions.

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Attribution Tracking

Learn where your users are referred from and track your mobile and web campaigns.

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Pixel Perfect Analytics

Heatmaps help you understand how users are interacting with your pages, where they are clicking at, and what their entire journey is. With heatmaps, you don’t have to try to understand numbers and get reports from your analysts, but get click data insights for your web page.

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"I used to have four different dashboards for my online business and pay four different memberships, I now only use Flowmetrics and end up with more insights than I ever had." - Ruben Touitou


Real-time Awesomeness

Dashboard data should be real-time and not hours or even days old. Whatever you see on Flowmetrics dashboard, from funnels to drill, from in-app purchase to customer engagement – are true real-time. No more waiting to see your data appear. Try it for yourself!

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